3 of the Best Reasons to Make Your Dog a Flexitarian

Flexi-dogian is a phrase that has recently attracted a lot of interest from dog owners and describes canines who eat a plant-based diet together with treats or foods that contain meat.

Many people around the globe have been seeking healthier and more Earth-friendly alternatives to their canine companion’s typical food, and a flexitarian diet has proven to check both of these boxes and more.

Are you considering making your dog a part of the flexi-dogian community? Here are the most notable benefits of feeding your dog a flexitarian diet and some suggestions to help you get started. 

3 Reasons to Switch to a Dog Flexitarian Diet 

1. Prevents Dog Food Allergies

Did you know that most dogs are not born with food allergies? They’re actually formed over time when the same source of protein, such as beef and chicken, is fed to a dog again and again. 

By introducing your dog’s digestive system to a flexitarian diet, you prevent overexposure to protein molecules that can easily trigger stomach sensitivities in dogs


2. Better for the Environment 

A recent UCLA study discovered that approximately 64 million tons of carbon dioxide are emitted from the pet food production process each year. 

Here’s the kicker! That’s about the same amount of pollution emitted by 13.6 million cars each year. 

Plant-based dog treats and foods relieve environmental impact by utilizing more Earth-friendly ingredients, resulting in up to 90% less carbon emissions and 68% less water usage than meat-based products. 

3. Applies Rotational Feeding 

Do you like to eat the same meal day after day? Chances are that your dog doesn’t either. 

Rotational feeding incorporates a more complete approach to your dog’s nutritional intake while indulging their palette with a variety of flavors. Instead of sticking to one type of dog food or treat, you can make mealtime more exciting by adding additional options ranging in taste, texture, and nutritional variety. Other benefits include: 

  • Better vitamin and nutrition consumption
  • Promotes a healthier digestive tract
  • Prevents food sensitivities and allergies 
  • Increased water consumption 

How often you rotate your dog’s food will depend on how sensitive their stomach is to switching proteins, but many veterinarians recommend every three months. Be sure to discuss your ideas with your dog’s vet before you begin rotational feeding. 

The Perfect Treats For Your Dog’s Flexitarian Diet 

An excellent way to start your furry friend’s flexi-dogian journey is by introducing them to plant-based dog treats, especially if they taste just like their favorite meat-based snacks. 

Bright Planet Pet’s dog treats satisfy all your dog's cravings with the indulgent flavors they love, but they’re 100% plant-based, all-natural, and healthy. They won’t even know the difference, and you can feel good knowing you’re reducing your dog’s carbon pawprint.

In addition to using only sustainable ingredients in our treats, we also utilize locally-made packaging to reduce transportation-related CO2 emissions and donate to The Eden Reforestation Projects for every bag of treats sold. 

Create a Brighter Future For Your Dogs and the Planet

Our goal is to extend the lives of beloved dogs with healthier treats while doing our part to preserve our beautiful planet for generations to come. We’re excited to have you join us on this journey towards a brighter future for all. 

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