Five must-haves to keep your dog cool and content this summer



The hot summer days are officially here and it’s not just people that want to be cool and content. All our animals desire shade from the hot sun so we’ve rounded up some of our summer must-haves to keep your pups cool and satisfied during these hot days.

1. A cooling bandana is a great, easy option to keep dogs cool. Just wet it, wring it out, and put it around your dog to keep their body temperature down. With so many different variations, there’s a cooling bandana for every style.

2. Life jackets are an important addition for safely playing in water, especially in the many lakes and rivers our team frequents in Minnesota. We love the Ezy Dog life jackets that fit well and look good.

3. CBD is a great option to keep dogs calm during the unexpected (or expected) booms from summer thunderstorms and fireworks. We especially love Chill Paws, both the treats and the oil.

4. Being strategic with your walks. Walking dogs in the early morning or evening and checking how hot the pavement is before walking your pet are great ways to keep your dog from getting too hot.

5. And of course, to keep your dogs satisfied and included in the summer barbeque festivities, Bright Planet Pet treats are the perfect addition. They allow pups to get in the cookout fun while also helping to reduce their carbon pawprint by creating up to 90% fewer carbon emissions and up to 68% less water than comparable meat-based treats.

Check out Bright Planet’s Founder/CEO, Katherine Ellison, sharing these tips and more on KARE11-TV in Minneapolis.