The Dog Parent’s Guide to Training With Treats and How to Do It Right

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Obedience training is an essential responsibility that strengthens the bond between you and your beloved companion, but many dog parents aren’t sure where to start or how to do it correctly. 

Treat training is a popular form of positive reinforcement that rewards dogs with a tasty snack after they’ve obeyed a command or performed a positive action. Since most canines are highly food-motivated, this is an effective, fun, and humane way to shape your furry friend’s behavior.

Read on for our best tips on training with treats and how to make the process fun and easy for both you and your dog. 

4 Tips For Dog Training With Treats 

1. Choose Small Treats

The treats you use for training are just as important as the training itself. 

Since you’ll be giving them out frequently, it’s best to use small treats to keep your dog’s calorie intake down and obesity at bay. Plant-based treats are even better since they are made with ingredients that are healthier for your pets and the environment. 

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Check out our meaty plant-based training treats that taste just like your dog’s favorite human food at only two calories per treat:

2. Keep Commands Short and Simple

We may talk to our dogs like they’re people, but they don’t understand what we’re saying when we use long sentences. Keep your commands to no more than one or two words, such as “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it.” 

3. Reward Immediately 

When your dog performs the desired action or behavior, be sure to give them a treat immediately. If you wait too long, they may not associate the reward with the action. 

The only time you should postpone giving a reward is if your dog is hyperactive, which is most likely not desired behavior. Wait until they’ve calmed down and given you their full attention. 

4. Consistency is Key

Don’t forget to give out a treat each time your dog performs the desired action or behavior. They may get confused if they’re only occasionally rewarded. Also, make sure everyone at home is using the same cues and giving treats whenever they see your dog complete the desired action. 

When your furry friend has the trick down pat, it will be time for the fade-the-lure technique. This will prevent the treat from becoming a bribe and keep your dog from acting appropriately just when they anticipate receiving a reward. 

Spoil Your Dogs, Naturally! 

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