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Our Treats

 plant-based dog treats, vegan, natural dog treats

Our treats are made from wholesome, all-natural ingredients, and of course 100% plant-based.

Our signature flavor, The Better Burger tastes like a freshly grilled hamburger. This burger treat will satisfy dogs of all shapes and sizes! The treat is a circular burger shape and has a 1" diameter and is approximately 0.25" thick. At only 4 calories per treat, you can really spoil your dog! Break it in half for training sessions or give a full treat when your special doggo has been extra good. 

Our nutritious treats are formulated with your dog's health in mind, but we all know that TASTE is the true king! That said, our treats contain NO corn, NO soy, NO wheat, NO added colors, and only natural preservatives, like vinegar and rosemary extract.

We want you to feel amazing when you decide to feed your dog our plant-based treats, knowing that you are making a great decision for our planet and your dog.  Treating with Bright Planet helps reduce your dog's carbon pawprint by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and energy usage. Our product is made at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Minnesota. You can treat your dog knowing that food safety and quality are at the heart of everything we do.

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Oh wait, we almost forgot to tell you something really special! Every time you buy a bag of Bright Planet treats, we make a donation to the Eden Reforestation Projects to plant one tree, which means that 1 bag = 1 tree!  The Eden Reforestation Projects plant trees in Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Nepal. This is just another way for us to combat climate change, and small things like this add up to make a big impact.